In total honesty, I would give up the thermals and let it be a premium, because it is unhistorically accurate to be on the present T-80B. Well, in the meantime, you can enjoy this awesome Soviet tank and the American Cruiser we announced today :). I don't want soviets to be bad. Until then, happy hunting tankers! Just like the t-80U. I tested both tanks in test drive and found the T-80U reached and sustained a speed of 54 km/h whereas the M1A2 was only able to … Práce na vylepšení T-80 probíhaly v Charkově, ale tam zkonstruovali své vlastní vozidlo vybavené naftovým motorem, které dostalo označení ‘T-80UD’. Stock HEAT-FS ruined top tier and the US and UK suck. The modifications also affected the armament of the tank - the T-80U is equipped with a new 1A45 fire control system and Reflex ICBM, which used more advanced 9M119 guided missiles. there is no need to play british things any more !!! n o i c e Khrizantema-S. ZPRK 2S6. Date A Live: Spirit Pledge. No War Thunder, o T-80U está entre os primeiros veículos do nível VII, que chega com a atualização 1.87. War Thunder. Ouiche, Do I smell a subscriber from /r/DeepFriedMemes ? The developers of the system were awarded the Kotin Prize for their system. T-80U byl vyráběn v Leningradu, ale v roce 1989 byla výroba přesunuta do Omsku. If so, which it should be accurate for the T-80UM I believe, I think instead of removing them, the current in game tank should be renamed T-80UM. i've seen on many sources that the T-80U and it's predecessors not having Thermal gun sights just passive and active infrared sights (night vision). They might have bought the sights in small batches. The latter would evolve into further developed Ukrainian derivatives of the T-80. Don't mind me. Ingame, USSR T-80U and T-80B need to lose their thermal devices. Commenting is no longer available for this news. With all additions and upgrades the vehicle recieved the designation T-80UM. I have up to the T-80U main battle tank. Along with some other upgrades they became known as Russian T-80UM's. FINALLY TANK NEWS See how the devs think of your irrefutable logic... Another bizarre topic whose real title should be: "Let's all cry bias and fckover not-NATO tech branch. Can't find category page for "USSR medium tanks", or any of them for that matter. Yes, same gun as Leo2a4 just more armor. As a result, the T-80U becomes quite a tough nut to crack, even for some of the more modern shells in the game. You the one who spawns tier 1 tanks and J out . Baryatinskiy, Mikhail. In 90's Russia gave T-80Us among other things to Korea instead of money. Smin1080p, I agree ! Half a dozen T-80U variants ''EASILY'' ????????? And a T-80B modernized, with a 30mm hhRHA plate. Media. Additionally, it has a much smaller overlap than Kontakt-1, resulting in more vulnerabilities. What @MPRA2 is likely thinking of is the equipping of Northern units of the new T-80BVM tank recently. Ao contrário do T-80B, que já é familiar para alguns jogadores, o T-80U tem melhor proteção comparativamente com seus predecessores e afinamentos ao nível do poder de fogo. Then there could be a new T-80 UM tank under the RUSSIAN flag, if thermals are that important ... Or alternatively, unlocking thermals just changes the statcard flag to the Russian Federation one, that way people won't start screeching about Russia getting more MBTs... And that could also be done much quicker than adding two new vehicles. Meanwhile, the 46t T-80U has over 600+mm vs KEP, a 125mm smoothbore gun, and a 1,250 HP gas turbine engine for it to only weight 500kg more than the Panther. Why? Powered by Invision Community. And the version we have in game is not the Soviet T-80. so i would like gaijin to remove the Thermal sights from the T-80U and it's predecessors,, Right now the unit card precisely refers to the T-80B and T-80U of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This site uses We recommend the following browsers Select Language Site search Donate Site search Donate War Thunder tank commanders should by now be well familiar with the Soviet T-72, which was the most-produced tank in the second half of the 20th century. The T-80U is armed with the same 125 mm cannon found in the T-80B, with its 3BM42 "Mango" round proving competitive against other Rank VII offerings. Play Now! CokeSpray, you always say that, and at the end one of the 3 gets nothing, Japan already have the excellent Type 90. i mean the t80b has better armour and gun than both m1 and m1ip(m1ip has almost same turret armour as t80b). don't bet on it staying this way 3 months ago the KA-50 was the only thing keeping Russian winrates afloat. Thermals are expensive so were not widely fielded by the Soviets due to lack of perceived necessity, they were available as an upgrade though as they are ingame, perhaps one of the few tanks that should have it as a module to unlock (rather than artificially nerfed at stock). After they announced the Leopard 1 coming to the game, and the IT-1 and eventually T-62 came, I abandoned the German line and went strait up the Soviet line, hoping perhaps one day the T-80 would be a tank in game. I have suggested 6 T-80 variants on the WT moderated suggestions so far. Especially being one of my favorite tanks. The T-80U is an improved version of the legendary Soviet T-80 main battle tank, featuring a more powerful engine, increased mobility, and improved protection. It was introduced in Update 1.81 "The Valkyries". Good Speed Good Firepower Good armor, only for turret, terrible frontal ammorack\hull. We only have AMX-40... Is enough of tanks, adds more supersonic jets! As for the T-80U, it did not have them, but I do believe what I heard - I am not 100% sure - I think the T-80U in game is modeled off of a T-80U Sweden used for testing. If certain different T-80 versions from USSR successor states like the Russian Federation got thermal imagers by default, this particular T-80 versions first need to be introduced to War Thunder. hopefully Leclerc is next. T-80U in service of the Red Army had no termal devices. In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the news for more information regarding the next major update. The same NSVT 12 mm machine gun is fitted, but this time it is used with 150-round boxes instead of the 100-rou… T … T-80B : War Thunder : Medium tank T-80B - Info. It will be useless slow crap as T-72B we already have, there are only 2 differences: 2nd gen gunner's sight, and Kontakt-5 ERA. Perhaps in the future, then we could have earlier T-80U variants and more as a result. In addition to that the new assembled tanks were equipped with R-163-50U radio sets. Grinding through tank after tank after tank that are all at 390.000 RP, while loosing SL every single match, makes top tier very unenjoyable. Well if they remove it's thermals they can downtier it to 10.0, where it honestly should be anyway. If only there was like, some sort of researchable module that would turn the vehicle into a different variant. So it's better than the T-64/72 but not good enough to really compete. ", it's not even funny anymore, it's hopelessly pathetic. Depiction of any real-world weapon or vehicle in this game does not mean participation in game development, sponsorship or endorsement by any weapon or vehicle manufacturer. T-80U in service of the Red Army had no termal devices. Strange, since I was able to enter USA medium tank page before, but now cannot find it somehow. Russian ground forces Tier II - Review and Analysis - Oxy. These have the same specification as Russian T-80Us, and aren't downgraded. I've seen some articles talking about Russia reactivating the T-80 tank for service. High concentration of deep fried memes and regular application of Nyan Cat 10 hours. Check out this exciting War Thunder Account for $900 from our trusted seller Caramelo24 who guarantees Instant Delivery (Offer ID: 155038748). 3, Ian Allen Publishing, 2007. War Thunder moderators, how do you stay sane with all these childish and ungrateful comments on devblogs? Good speed Good firepower Good Armor, exelent coverage Good AA .50 cal + has bouncy armor, low profile 2A5. Unlike the T-80B, which is already familiar to some tankers, the T-80U features greatly improved protection over its predecessors and also received minor improvements to its firepower. Home; For friends; Tools; Forum. T-80U is good, Tunguska is good, and BMP-2M is also good. von_Stauffenburg, The Abrams and the Leo2a4 will not be able to penetrate this tank from the front. It's a bit faster than the T-64 series but still slower than Leopards. In War Thunder, the T-80U will be among the first vehicles awaiting tankers at the brand new seventh rank, coming to the Soviet ground forces tree with update 1.87. In 1985, there was the T-80BV, which was similar to the T-64BV: the T-80BV redesigned the frontal plate, and made a 5-layer RHA-textolite-RHA-textolite-RHA plate, that was slightly superior to the T-64B obr. T-80B from devblog, notice the cutout plate, which in game if you check, is 30mm, not 16mm.
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