SimpleRisk – OpenSource IT GRC Tool

In IT world, a GRC is governance, risk and compliance tool that covers risk mitigation procedures of the company.

GRC tools are repositories that how company’s related solution is secured, documented and analyzed in case of any risk or incident. GRC also includes policies, prosedures, runbooks, response plans within risk management capabilty.

After a brief explanation of GRC, I wanna show how to install open source SimpleRisk tool in your organization.

I assume that you already installed a latest version of docker on Ubuntu 18.04 server. So let’s pull the image and run the docker container:

sudo docker run --name simplerisk -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 simplerisk

And type your Ubuntu IP in browser:

Let’s begin to define your procedures and documents in central risk management:

For more information:

Have a nice day!