The name of the legendary bounty hunter mentioned in this episode, Terpsichore, is a reference to the Muses. Best Match . Cowboy Bebop nous raconte les déboires de Spike et Jet, deux célibataires qui se sont associés dans la chasse aux hors-la-loi dont la tête est mise à prix. From shop MantelioShops . When Faye tries to capture Decker by staking out a restaurant, she mistakenly identifies him for another man. Cowboy Bebop Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Spike, without consultation of either of them, plans to use his ship's pod to drive it to the end of the tunnel, setting it to automatically go. Directed by Hirokazu Yamada, Shin'ichirô Watanabe. Just as Spike attempts to collect on the bet, he is contacted by Jet, who tells him to chase down Decker. TS EN. Cowboy Bebop Anime Ein Data Dog Solid Black Snapback Hat Cap Adjustable Retro. She heads to Mac's Diner with her cat Zeros to grab a meal and remarks that the place is unusually full of people. Crew size New. Free Returns 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping Hi! An interstellar truck is a spaceship used to transport goods throughout the Solar System. Original Airdate This man has a tattoo that looks like Decker's dragon tattoo but is in fact an eel. Spike accepts it, and leaves. from $ 22.99. She gets knocked out, but OK. She wakes up to Faye and Spike arriving, lamenting that Decker is dead but also that Decker was carrying enough explosives to blow up the whole asteroid. Generally, the trucks were comprised of a rig and various trailers. Additionally, the only real information on Decker is that he has a dragon tattoo. [1], Moving Your Life was a delivery company that used trucks with a purple penguin on them. She also expresses her disapproving opinion of bounty hunters, but Spike lets it go. Track your favourite players, see title cut-offs or check out player history for EU and US Servers They meet V.T, a female space trucker, and team up with her to catch Decker on a dangerous chase through an abandoned mine. VT defends her, sparking a brawl which draws in Spike when he gets bumped while making his drink. are also the initials for the first woman to ever step foot in space, VT speaks with several truckers whose CB handles are Love Machine, Sneaky Snake, and Spider Mike. It's successful, and all of them make it out. Shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for Hats. Cowboy bebop est un manga shonen crée en 1999 par NANTEN Yutaka, édité par Pika (Pika) prépublié dans Asuka Fantasy DX - She runs him down and he attempts to lose her by diving into the tunnels of the Mines. Des millions de designs. Visionnez Cowboy Bebop Épisode 7, Heavy Metal Queen, sur Crunchyroll. Written on the door to the bathroom stall that Spike is using while talking to Faye, it reads: "I wrote a letter to Heinlein once, asking him if I could use his ideas - I don't remember which song or which book now - but he wrote back to me and he said "Oh, my God, you're the first person, out of thousands who've stolen my ideas, who's written and asked". The real Decker runs out the door, and Faye sees him and tears open the fake Decker's shirt to reveal that his chest tattoo is actually an eel. When Faye points a gun at the man with the eel tattoo, Decker freaks out and runs away. List View. He negotiates for her to take Faye as well, and they load Red Tail and Swordfish II onto VT's freighter. ヘヴィ・メタル・クイーン(Hevi Metaru Kuīn)" This has not been edited in any way. Trucker Cap. as a reference to, The entire episode is a general reference to the Deep Purple song ". Échange simple sous 30 jours. They have Faye use uncharacteristic delicateness to take one of the containers. "Heavy Metal Queen" is the seventh session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop. An interstellar trucker known as VT offloads a shipment and is met by a fellow trucker known as Otto who tries to claim a longstanding bet on guessing VT's real name. Shop with confidence on eBay! Find great designs on high quality trucker hats. From shop TeamBeerHats. Tous les deux sans argent, ils sillonnent l'espace à bord du Bebop afin de renflouer leur compte en banque ainsi que leur frigo. from $ 19.99. When he mentions the painting of Saraswati on the guy's truck, VT recognizes it as Decker's ship and sends out a call to the other interstellar truckers to be on the lookout for Decker's ship. Spike finishes his drink which VT recognizes, saying she has only seen one other person drink, her husband. Buy Cowboy Bebop Low Profile Dad Hat-Washed Cotton Trucker Cap for Men Or Women: Shop top fashion brands Baseball Caps at FREE DELIVERY and … Cowboy Bebop - Original Soundtrack 1 - Information.txt. Cowboy Caps & Hats from Spreadshirt Unique designs Easy 30 day return policy Shop Cowboy Caps & Hats now! He immediately warns her to be careful, since Decker is carrying explosives, but the call gets broken. 1-48 of 88 Results. She is a space trucker and she is walking into a trucker café. Cependant, à l'époque, en 1995, il y eut une controverse sur la sexualité et la violence dans les a… Beanie. I don’t like heavy metal all that much but I must admit Cowboy Bebop uses it well.. Elle fut envoyée la première fois à TV Tokyo, l'un des principaux distributeurs d'anime au Japon. In the bathroom, Spike expresses his skepticism about their chances with Faye, complaining that the tip about Decker was supposed to be exclusive, but now many bounty hunters are present. disc2. 30-day Return Guarantee Get your favorite Cowboy design today! V.T. Decker looks strikingly like. Favorite Add to Baseball Cap Rodeo Snapback Cowboy Mesh Trucker … Just then, Three Old Men enter the diner and attempt to collect on her bet, but their guess of "Adrian" fails. Bull Riding Rodeo Cowboy Western. Cowboy Bebop Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Shop Cowboy Bebop Trucker Hats from CafePress? VT reveals that Ural died sometime ago and is doing his bounty hunting up in heaven now. World of Warcraft PvP Tracker for Legion. Mark Watches ‘Cowboy Bebop’: Session 7 – Heavy Metal Queen Posted on January 23, 2013 by Mark Oshiro In the seventh session of Cowboy Bebop , Spike and Faye must rely on a metal-loving trucker to track down a bounty. Cowboy Bebop See You Space Cowboy Manga Anime Beanie Embroidered Unisex Hat Warm Hood Winter Cap Skull Caps Unique MantelioShops. As Faye hurriedly gets the explosive into the pod and VT quickly opens her ship to receive Spike, Spike doesn't quite make it and is forced to use his gun to propel himself back inside. One of these trucks was stolen by George, Herman and Ruth for executing pirating attacks on other ships to steal cargo.[2]. 1-2. Truckers communicated using radios, and often referred to each other with nicknames.1 Moving Your Life was a delivery company that used trucks with a purple penguin on them. He then thanks her, this time by her full name, Victoria Terpischore. Cowboy Bebop (カウボーイビバップ, Kaubōi Bibappu?) The bartender tells VT that the occupants are bounty hunters waiting on a man named Decker who is supposed to arrive soon.
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