Oracle – Migrate Data from 11g to 12c Database

Oracle SQL Developer Tool has Import and Export ability to transfer data between different version of Oracle DBs. In this post you can briefly find the some details of migration data from Oracle 11g (+Express) to Oracle 12c.

Connect to both 11g and 12c DB instance and click Data Pump Export Jobs in DBA section:


Select Schemas as data type and to add your source schema:



Lookup to list DB objects and click to next:


Job will export data to default Export directory.


To see all data directories run the following command on both connection and copy exported files and paste in 12c pump directory.


Now open 12c DB connection and click Data Pump Import: 


Import job will read export log file 


Don’t forget to create SQL user in target 12c DB.


And last, run the import job clicking to finish.



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