3. Jackfruit and durian taste completely different. Contrary to what many humans say about the fruit’s pungent smell, most animals are actually attracted by the smell. Jackfruit vs. Durian: Difference in Taste & Smell. Taste: HOTLY debated, some think that Durian tastes like “wet garbage”.Impossible to describe but it’s kind of sweet, kind of sour. Here’s a funny video of people smelling durian for the first time: Appearance & Texture: The Durian is a large spiky fruit which looks sort of like a bulbous cactus.The outside shell is hard and uncomfortable to touch. The jackfruit tree grows in tropical climates where humidity is high. This classification means the jackfruit is a closer relation to the mulberry and fig than it is to the durian. They are different and both fruits look similar to only those who have never seen them in reality. The Jackfruit is part of the fig and mulberry clan and has been known to grow as big as 35kg! Nope, jackfruit also has a strong aroma when it’s fully ripened but spread a very aromatic, sweet, fruity smell without the smell of sulfur. Durian taste like a pudding that’s thick and creamy. Jackfruit has a sweet and fruity aroma, although strong. It’s attractive. More about Jackfruit Although, both durian and jackfruit have a strong smell. Although they do share some similarities, the durian is part of the Malvacae family, whereas the jackfruit is from the Morocae family. Jackfruit has a sweeter taste to it and it doesn’t have the same smell or taste as the durian fruit. Durian vs. Jackfruit – Jackfruit and Durian fruit look quite similar to each other, but they are actually quite different. Jackfruit The jackfruit is crunchy and has a very sweet caramel-like taste and is used in a lot of cooking, and is popular for juices and the like. Durian has a distinctive smell. People have used different terms to explain this flavor like a sweet almond-like, onion-sherry, chocolate mousse, and hints of subtle garlic taste. However, both fruits are similar in appearance, except durian have thorns on its outer skin. Many describe the smell as stinky and intense. What does durian taste like? But, jackfruit on the other hand doesn’t smell terrible like durian does. It can also smell somewhat like rotting meat or sulfur. If you do manage to find a love of durian, you will find all manner of durian products from ice-cream to candy and even the (surprisingly good) durian pizza. It smells like a rotten egg/cheese or natural gas mixed with cream cheese and onion. “To anyone who doesn’t like durian it smells like a bunch of dead cats. Jackfruit smells like traditional bubblegum. Jackfruit, Durian Both Look Different on The Outside: Yes! Does jackfruit smell as bad as durian? Why does durian smell so bad? Finally, let’s take a look at the differences of jackfruit vs. durian taste. While jackfruit can be compared to mango or pineapple when ripe and more like pulled pork when it is unripe, durian has a creamy, almost custard-like texture. Durian though, has an unpleasant odor that smells like a rotten egg mixed with garbage, and onion. Despite their vaguely similar appearances, the Durian fruit is unrelated to the fig family. Jackfruit. Durian originated in Southeast Asia, while Jackfruit originated in India. But as you get to appreciate durian, the smell is not offensive at all.