The chicks tend to be slow growers, so don't worry that anything is wrong. Started unsexed BLACK AND WHITE Jersey Giant chicks available from our 11/13 and 11/15 hatches. Phoenix, AZ > Buy & Sell > Garden Items For Sale in Phoenix, AZ > Black Jersey Giant Pullets Female Hen Chickens Egg Laying Hens - $25. A large-meat hertiage poultry breed, Jersey Giant chickens are also reliable egg producers. Jersey Giant. It is the largest purebred chicken in the US and probably the world! I've heard that they begin laying sometimes at around 9 months, but it's not uncommon for them to be 12 months old before they begin to lay reliably. Male-13 lb. We are now offering a very limited number of whites per order along with blacks. Mature hens are very large and good layers of brown eggs. Black is the dominant gene, so white birds come from breeding two recessive whites. Ours are docile and just gorgeous, with pretty, big eyes and beautiful proportions. Black, of course, is the variety most likely to be confused with Australorp. This breed was developed in New Jersey as a dual-purpose fowl (valued for both meat and eggs). It is a super heavy bird even a little larger than the whites. Black Jersey Giant Pullets Female Hen Chickens Egg Laying Hens - $25 . The ancestors of the very, large and heavy Jersey Giant chickens, have been Orpingtons, Brahma and Black Javas. Beautiful nicely laced Blue Jersey Giant hens. I never used these birds to breed with because I didn't want any new chicks to carry on this fault. Although Jersey Giants are known for the large body size, they are a slow maturing bird. Black Copper Maran . Occasionally, you will get some brassy or colored feathering in the neck, hackles, or tail, and this is considered a fault. Brown eggs. | eBay! Mar 22, 2019 - The Jersey Giant breed is very aptly named. How big do Giants get? Blue Jersey Giant- Same as the Black Jersey Giant except a nice blue color. The Black brothers began breeding these chickens in New Jersey in the 1880s. Since Jersey Giants were originally bred for meat production, you won’t be disappointed in the amount of meat they produce. View larger image Ad id: 3110198477399312: Views: 65: Price: $25.00. By 1947 the white color was standardized and the breed became known simply as Jersey Giant chicken. Jersey Giants can be black, blue, or white. Post #3205203. Eventually, your baby Jersey White Giant chickens are going to outgrow all the other chickens. As the laying season continues the color of the eggs will become lighter – however it will still be pretty dark. The bird, with its characteristic "bob-bob-white" call is readily recognizable once heard. The Jersey Giant egg color is brown. Chicks $5.00 each (15) Blue Jersey Giant. We prefer to think of them as "Gentle Giants." Please pick up only. The Jersey Giant is the outcome of crossing Dark Brahmas, Black Java and Black Langshans. the hens seem small to me. This breed was developed in New Jersey as a dual-purpose fowl (valued for both meat and eggs). Black Jersey Giant- A super large chicken that lays a nice large brown egg. The color will vary between light and really dark. Egg Size: Extra Large. I also have Black Jersey Giants and we prepared the rooster for supper at 7 months of age. Nov 26, 2018 - The Georgia giant bobwhite quail, resembling a short fluffy chicken, is a popular poultry bird that is native to much of the northeastern United States. so I know he is good. $14.99. In preparation for next year I hatched out several whites for myself. Bookmark. Jersey Giants don't get their due. They are known as a good, heavy breed but grow at a very gradual pace. Select Options. Black Giants are very slow growers. Thanks. The Black Jersey Giant Chickens lay extra-large brown to dark brown eggs, and lay fairly well for being a large breed. Ours are docile and just gorgeous, with pretty, big eyes and beautiful proportions. We have maintained this breed since 1995. My blue hen lays the darkest egg. The Jersey Giant is the largest pure breed of chicken in existence. There is also a newer color variation known as the Blue Jersey Giants. Egg color - Good producer of large to extra large brown eggs. They were bred for egg production rather than meat. .. John and Thomas’s original intention was to create a meat bird that could replace the Turkey as a premium table bird. Egg Size: Large. Some chicken breeds lay green eggs, some lay blue eggs, and others lay more ordinary colors like white and brown. While they are larger than most, they're not obviously out of place roaming around in a mixed flock. Jersey Giant. Yellow skin color and white plumage make an easy fowl to dress. Out of Stock. It's black plumage has a beautiful green sheen, the eyes are dark brown, shanks and toes are black except for yellow skin showing on the bottoms of the feet. Jersey Giants don't get their due. Meat Production. Characteristics: Size. Despite their large size, Jersey Giants have very good egg production. Black Jersey Giant Chicken. At first, this breed was referred to as “Black Giants” to honor the brothers who created the breed, but in 1921, a club was formed, and the name Jersey Giants was formally adopted. Photograph taken by Maria Hall. It can take up to 18-24 months for them to reach their full adult size. The amount of time it takes them to mature equates to a poor feed/weight conversion, which explains why they aren’t as popular as a commercial broiler. Also our PayPal buttons are up for Jersey Giant chick orders in 2021. A single hen can produce up to 260 large brown eggs in one year, which is why this is touted as a good dual-purpose breed. They’re good layers at 150 to 200 large eggs per year. This black chicken breed weighs in at around 11 to 15 pounds. Blue giants come from an incomplete dominant gene. Black Javas and Jersey Giants look very similar, so they make good substitutes for each other. In 1917, breeder Dexter P. Upham of Belmar, New Jersey, added “Jersey” to the name and they soon were being referred to as Jersey Black Giants. The Marans are a combination of several breeds brought together in western France during the early 1900s. 1. Color Description: Jersey Giants come in white, black and blue. Jersey Giants are very large, dual-purpose chickens that do even better for meat production than Javas. Their flock had so much influence on the breed that it became known as Black Giants, even though black was not the only color this breed came in. The weight of mature roosters is 11 to 15 pounds and they are usually 22 to 26 inches tall. (See Glossary on Poultry Page for “Blue Genetics” explanation) CHICKS $5.00 EACH. Giants are the largest purebred chicken. This black giant chicken breed is the largest purebred chicken in the US, and possibly the world. The Black Jersey Giant Chicken originated during the 1800s in Burlington County, which is in the state of New Jersey. Somewhat cold hardy with a calm disposition. For whatever reasons, black Jersey Giants tend to be a bit heavier than white ones. Black Jersey Giant pullets check out their winnings at the Scott County Fair. Those chicken egg colors could be coming out of your very own backyard, you just need to know which breeds lay colorful eggs! The Jersey Giant was developed near the town of Jobstown, New Jersey by brothers Thomas and John Black between 1870 and 1890. Distinctive features in addition to size are the dark willow color of shanks and toes, and the very dark brown eye. Laying Habits: 150-200 eggs would make a good year. Jersey Giants come in three colors: Black, white, and “blue” (a bluish slate-gray). Egg Color: Olive green. The Black Jersey Giant is a single comb, clean legged variety that originated in the U.S. More available in the Spring. Market Weight: 8 - 11 lbs. After my hens molted the first time they started looking much larger. Jersey Giants are extremely friendly, as they are good with pets, they like people, and the cocks are rarely aggressive. The black Jersey giant pullet is so curious.....I believe the Black Jersey Giant notices the small chicken on the trophy! GETTING TO KNOW JERSEY GIANTS Compiled by the National Jersey Giant Club – Revised February 2013 Robert L. Vaughn, Secretary . What color are they? Splash birds are a paler slate color, or have whitish streaks. But prior to moilting they are similar in size to my RIR's. Egg Color: Brown. Jersey Giants black color comes from the dominant black gene, meaning that as long as you are using all black birds, you will get nothing but black birds. Jersey Giant. … FL (central) - Jersey Giants Black, Blue & Splash Jersey Giants for sale. We have maintained this breed since 1995. Their plumage is an eye catching black (with green iridescence) with copper colored hackles. I have a Jersey giant rooster from a known giant flock. There is also a “splash” variety, in which the bird has two copies of the blue gene. So, it's no surprise that they're also slower to lay than other breeds. Contact me on my cell for further info at. Saved from The Jersey Giants were actually bred from Javas along with other breeds, but they have certainly come far from their Java lineage. 813-752-0710 . Purpose: Dual-purpose (eggs and meat) Temperament: Relaxed and friendly; Maximum Size: 15 lbs; In the case of the statuesque Jersey Giant, the name truly does say it all. 1 dozen is $17.00 dollars a dozen plus $14.00 shipping. Temperament: Calm. They are docile and mellow, and the roosters have even temperaments. Quote. Black Copper Marans: Care Guide, Egg Color and More… 14 Reasons Why You Should Keep Chickens; Golden Comet Chicken: Care Guide, Egg Laying and More… The Complete Guide To Introducing New Chickens To Your Flock; 11 Common Reasons Why Chickens Stop Laying Eggs (And How To Fix It) Welsummer Chicken: Care Guide, Color Varieties and More Egg color: All colors of Jersey Giants lay brown eggs. This heritage chicken breed originated in the United States as a meat bird and an alternative to turkeys. Are you ready to start or replenish your flock of egg laying hens with some new ladies?? They are considered a dual purpose breed and will lay around 3 eggs each week. Only roosters at this time. Below are seven differences between Australorps and black Jersey Giants. This chicken is perhaps one of the largest you will find, with roosters weighing in at up to 15 pounds. MS - Black Jersey Giant Eggs I'm selling the eggs by the dozens. Australorps originated in Australia, where they are called Australian Black Orpingtons. Black Stars, sometimes simply called Stars are "sex link" chickens, meaning they're bred specifically so that males and females are different colors when they hatch.They are a crossbreed that was specifically bred to produce a large number of eggs. 4. Australorps come in one color — black. Ive often thought my giants were australorps or something other than jersey giants. Jersey Giant Chicken The Jersey Giant chicken was developed between 1870 and 1890 by John and Thomas Black in Burlington County, near the town of Jobstown, New Jersey. 601-678-2621. 4pattysue Mar 13, 2014. This is the original Jersey Giant developed in New Jersey in the late 19th century by crossing several of the large, dark Asiatic breeds. Jersey Giants are a heritage chicken breed that was developed in New Jersey in the 19th century as an alternative to turkeys. Origin. Baby chicks are a real smoky gray varying from almost black to quite light. Black Jersey Giants are so-called due to their color. × Related Items. Purpose- Dual Weight: Female-10 lb. The blacks carry the white gene. Mature hens 9 to 11 pounds and usually 16 to 20 inches tall. While they are larger than most, they're not obviously out of place roaming around in a mixed flock.