Database Replication with ArcServe RHA

Surely replication isn’t a HA solution by itself in DBA world and besides 3rd tools, SQL Server have lots of option for replication but these will not the issue in this post.  However, strict requirements and as transactional replication doesn’t support tables without primary key in native SQL Server replication, that’s why 3rd solutions are advisable.

Arcserve replicate data asynchronous.  Replicated data on Replica Server must be stayed offline. This way of replication option is rather used for migration scenerios of large data.



Make sure VSS service is running on Replica server and you may have the following error that causes replication to stop:

To solve problem disable UAC remote restrictions with adding LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy key to 1:


Then install the services that consist of some steps:

Master node installation: ArcServe manager(control service) + ArcServe engine
Replica node installation: ArcServe engine

Configure your firewall at least two nodes must be able to connect each other on port 25000.

Now create a scenario to get started:


Follow the next steps after adding master and replica host. 

Select which databases will be replicated:

Now let’s talk about a bit replication options. It is recommended to enable compression on replica side to optimize bandwidth:

So block level replication is appropriate for database files, other 3rd replication tools use same method.

And eventually we can see on dashboard job started:

Lastly we can see database files in root directories on Replica Server. 

No cluster, no shared storage, no enterprise SQL edition, no additional witness node is required.
It’s your consideration.


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